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Updated Key Facts On How To Lose Belly Fat Fast

Updated Key Facts On How To Lose Belly Fat;

Updated Key Facts On How To Lose Belly Fat
Updated Key Facts On how to lose belly fat
The fact that this widely spread epidemic is linked to chronic health diseases like stroke, heart diseases and type 2 diabetes, it should, therefore, be a wake-up call to everyone.

If you asked my opinion, I will firmly say that the answer on how to lose belly fat does not solely rely on exercise. If you have once been told so, then you were being lied

Today, we are going to reveal to you some proven facts on how to lose belly fats and more.


People who have succeeded to get rid of belly fat has always taken into consideration these 3 key facts;

People who have succeeded to get rid of belly fat has always taken into consideration these 3 key facts;

1) Focusing on what they eat 2) when to eat 3) And lastly the kind of exercises they do
Taking the above 3 major key factors into consideration, we shall now take a glance into the depth of this topic.

How to lose belly fat explained: IF  you are really serious to get rid of belly fat, then your diet is the primary key here. We shall like to keep you informed that poor diet is the major promoter of fat accumulation.  This simply means that your body will keep fat.

So what are we really talking about when we mentioned about Focusing on what to eat? I am pretty sure that getting this aspect right is a big achievement of the today, so we are going to group this into 2 section. Here is the depth of the matter and why:

(A) To get rid of belly fat we are asking that you do much favor to yourself by completely removing or reducing the amount of added sugar to your diet

This is why; added sugar to your diet will cause insulin resistance when metabolize, hence causing the accumulation of fat around the targeted area in question. We, therefore, advise in a strong term to avoid particularly processed foods which is a killer store for added sugar like fructose etc
(B) Which to get rid of belly fat? Then make sure to include healthy fat in your diet

We are talking about Healthy saturated fat. It should be noted here that monosaturated fats from foods like avocados, nuts and not forgetting olive oil have a gifted boost in getting rid of belly fat.

Now Addressing The Issue Of When To Eat And Why
Is it the act of skipping breakfast? Let’s take a look; put it this way; If you make your first food of the day to be at lunch (This simply implies that lunch is the first meal of the day) what really happened? ; If you repeatedly do this for a period of time, you will simply teach your body to respond to the burning of stored fat as a source of energy. This is very significant especially if the question on how to lose lower belly fat is in mind
Note that you will need a good diet plan with the help of a specialist to go through the fasting stage so as to avoid some nutrient deficiency.

For those who are having  3 meals a day, it would become a difficult task to the question on how to lose lower belly fat due to the fact that the body’s ability to use stored fat as a primary source of energy would be closed up; meaning we have simply taught our body to instead use sugar as a primary energy source. But if we skip breakfast while having lunch as our first meal of the day, it simply means that the amount of energy required to split the glycogen store to produce energy will be limited, hence forcing the body to use stored fat as an energy source.
How To Lose Lower Belly Fat; What Kind Of Exercises?

Let’s begin with a look here. or watching the below video

Causes Of Belly Fat


Of course, we can’t round this up without talking about the major causes of belly fat


Poor diets

Poor diets

I remember mentioning about poor diets in the above article; so what is a poor diet and why are they not good for our weight loss goals? In fact, these generally refer to sugary foods and drinks; they are the major causes of slowing down a person metabolism, hence killing the body’s ability to burn down fats(Resulting in weight gain). Also, special care should be taking when we are choosing the kind of fat to consume; avoid foods rich in trans fat which may cause inflammation resulting in obesity.

Alcoholic drinks

Alcoholic drinks

According to this report, it is a clear indication that the consumption of alcoholic drinks may also contribute to an increase in belly fat. So, we recommend reducing the consumption of alcoholic drinks or cutting off completely from it

Lack of good sleep

Lack of good sleep

We can as well termed this poor sleep; According to this article, you can be a witness to the fact that not having enough sleep play a part in contributing to the increase in stomach fat. To remedy this effect, getting enough or sufficient daily sleep will be the answer



Can stress really cause me to developed belly fat? This article gives the answer. It should be noted that during stress, a steroid hormone ”cortisol” is produced causing the circulation of excess calorie around the stomach region for a long period of time

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