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Today’s Top 8 Most Effective Weight Loss Exercises

Top 8 Most Effective Weight Loss Exercises
Top 8 Most Effective Weight Loss Exercises

We all know that exercises play an important role in maintaining our overall health but when it comes to losing weight then exercise become more important. Exercises not only improve our physical strength but also boost our metabolic rate which in return helps us in losing weight. Though there are a number of exercises that you can do to lose weight along with keeping you fit but the most effective weight loss exercises are very few. Some of the exercises that can help in losing your weight effectively are briefly discussed hereunder for your consideration.


The lunges can be done a number of ways but the most effective to lose weight is the simple lunge known as a forward lunge. It will instantly work on your various muscles at the same time along with burning your maximum calories. In order to do forward lunges, you will have to stand tall with feet apart to the width of your hips. Now place your hands on the hips and use your right leg to take a controlled step forward. Now lower your body until your left leg and right leg are at the right angle while keeping your spine tall. Pause for a few seconds and come back to your original position. Now repeat the same process with your left leg. It should be done 10 times with each leg and 3 sets can be enough for a day.

High-Intensity Interval Training to HIIT

Intensity is important to get the maximum benefit of your weight loss exercises. The exercises included in HIIT are the exercises with shirt intervals in which you will have to make your maximum efforts. After these exercises, you can take a long interval for recovery. The hard work you can do during intense intervals is the secret behind HIIT program. As a result, it increases the fat burning potential of your body and melts away pounds of your weight. These high-intensity exercises also increase the rate of release of growth hormones to use your body fat as fuel. So, 20 minutes of HIIT is enough to burn your calories for the entire day.

Strength training

Your organs including heart need fuel 24/7 so you can increase their metabolic needs to help them get their fuel. But your muscles are changeable even if they also need some food consistently. They need more calories round the clock to increase their size and strength. In such condition, you will have to do some strength training exercises to make all the muscle groups of your body stronger. You should do these exercises for at least 30 minutes a day and 2-3 times a week. Your muscles will burn your additional calories like a furnace before they get converted into fat in your body. These strength training exercises may include push-ups, crunches, curls, row, reverse dip and squats etc.


Actually, boxing is another form of interval training but it can also make you feel like a tough and irritated person. Usually, beginners use the strength of their arms to punch their opponent whereas they ignore to use their muscles and core in their workout regime which provide then the maximum power to fight. According to the experts, boxers should workout as per the requirement of their boxing level. The beginners should learn the type their weight loss exercises from a professional instructor who can help you in maintaining the level of your intensity high.


This weightlifting exercise can surely help you in strengthening your body like a furnace to burn your body fat. You should ensure to start with the weights so that you can do at least 10 repetitions and increase your weights gradually until your heart starts pumping at full rate to vaporize your maximum calories. To do this exercise you will have to stand behind a barbell with slightly bent knees to grab the bar. Now lift the bar while pushing your hips forward. While lowering the bar you should push your hips back from your upper body portion and slightly bend your knees.

It is one of the weight loss exercises that can be followed to keep you fit always. Along with losing your weight, this exercise can also provide various other health benefits. You can do it by getting down on the floor on the balls of your feet and your hands. You should ensure that your hands are under your shoulders and body is in a straight line. Now keep your belly button sucked in and abs tight. Now push your body downwards while keeping your body straight and arms bent outwards. Stay there for a while and come back to original position. 2-3 sets of 10 repetitions can be enough for a day.


Yoga is another effective package of exercises to lose weight fast. Along with keeping you healthy yoga also helps in maintaining your mental health. There is more than 250 asana in yoga out of which Bhujangasana, padmasana, tadasana, and balasana are few that can help in losing your body weight fast. You can also keep your body weight under your control by doing yoga asanas regularly.


Skipping rope or jumping rope is a cardio exercise that can help in a considerable amount of calories in just 45 minutes of doing rope skipping. Amount of calories burnt can depend on your body weight. You can do it just by standing straight with your abs tight, back erect and feet joined together. Now swing the rope over your head and jump up few inches from the ground to let the rope pass under your feet to bring it back to its original position. You can start with a few repetitions of this action and can increase the number of jumps gradually.

Thus there are a number of weight loss exercises that the help you in losing your body weight effectively. But you should continue these exercises to maintain your body weight for a long time, after losing it once. Most of these exercises require the guidance of a professional trainer, especially when you are a beginner as a wrong move can cause various types of physical problems.

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